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While the idea of a blog honestly seems draining and too much work for what it’s worth, I know the impact bloggers have had on my life and I think I may as well put my piece in as well. So let’s just get this introduction under way! I’m Martha Shareski, I currently live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and I turn 19 in the fall. I’ll be attending Ryerson University in Toronto at the start of September, for a degree in Fashion Communication. That’s the factual stuff about me. But really the core of who I am consists more of this:

  • I’m a feminist who loves Jesus
  • My favorite food is either pickles or cotton candy, can’t decide
  • The most dramatic movie scene of all time is the part in Karate Kid when Daniel throws his bike into the garbage bin, hands down
  • Dickies are the best fashion invention of all time
  • I’ve seen 16 (I think) Broadway musicals and I hope to rapidly expand this list
  • If I could ask God any question it would be: is Bigfoot real?
  • I have one tattoo (so far)
  • I took a gap year this past school-year and traveled Australia with three of my friends for 4 months and ate lots of bread
  • Jess from Gilmore Girls is my dream man
  • and lastly, I love to write

I’m a middle class, white woman from Canada, and though I know my ethnicity and background are represented much more than women of color or of different religions but I still feel a major lack of women who share my perspective. Being a young woman who loves Jesus and cares deeply about women’s rights, it’s very difficult to find sources of solidarity in that. I know how encouraging it is to find women who I can relate to, women who either love Jesus, or fight for women’s equality (or both!), and women who care about style and view it as expression rather than vanity. Basically, I hope to use this platform to encourage me to research the things I am confused/intrigued by and to possibly encourage those of you who feel similarly as I do about certain things!

All the best,

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